‘Hope for a Hero’ is Fading: US Army Veteran Chris Alberts Pleads to God as Jury Trial Begins – Faces Charges for Same ‘Crime’ As Antifa Trans Activist Who Was Caught and Released That Day

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US Army veteran and persecuted American Chris Alberts



The justice system is failing US Army veteran Christopher Alberts, whose jury trial for Jan 6 “crimes” will begin next week in DC federal court with Judge Cooper presiding.

(TGP previously reported on gross prosecutorial misconduct in Christopher Alberts’ case here.)

In one of the most glaring examples of two-tiered justice, Alberts was arrested and charged on the same day on the same Capitol grounds —and for the same charges— as leftwing transgender BLM activist Logan “Leslie” Grimes, who was riding in the car with two Antifa agitators when arrested at the Capitol on Jan 6.

Logan “Leslie” Grimes was caught and released and will not face trial.

Alberts was superseded with 9 felony counts, while “Leslie’s” charges were fully dropped.

(You can read the full story in a motion written by Alberts’ lawyer here.)

**Leslie is off the hook, but Chris faces years in prison and tremendous legal fees to get through trial. Please support him if you can by donating here.

Chris Alberts flies a “Thin Blue Line” flag on a roadside demonstration. (Source: Twitter)


On the eve of his trial, facing years in prison for non-violent victimless charges, Alberts penned a reflection on his military service and changing country. The pledge was sent exclusively to The Gateway Pundit and is published in full below:


“I Used to Pledge Allegiance to the Flag: A Plea to God for America, From a J6 Patriot”

‘I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands, one nation under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.’ 

There was once a time in this country that before school, students would all stand, cover their hearts and recite that very pledge. I grew up in that time going to school in the 90s and early 2000s. It was still part of our daily routine.

No one was forced, there was no fuss. No kids in protest. Everyone standing, pledging their allegiance to the flag, to a REPUBLIC, to ONE nation under GOD, to be indivisible and have liberty and justice for all.
It was what we did because we were taught that love for country was a good thing, and it very much is. It was what we wanted to do, not what we where forced to do. When, instead of breaching division, we celebrated the unity of of our people regardless of color, creed, or religion.

Now before I go on, I must make clear that I am not a Democrat nor Republican, I consider myself a constitutional conservative. I am a Virginia Army National Guard Veteran 2005-2011, I deployed to Iraq in 2007-2008. I have been awarded the Army Achievement medal, National Defense Service medal, Global War on Terror metal, and an Iraqi Campaign medal to name a few.

My allegiance to this country speaks for itself. That being said, we need to address the elephant in the room.

Chris Alberts in full uniform, proudly served in the US Army and achieved several medals of honor.

Can a single American honestly say that the things we pledged to growing up exist anymore? Yes the flag still blows in the wind, but what it was meant to stand for has turned to dust.

An entire generation thinks that America is a democracy, when nowhere in our founding documents can that word be found. We are a REPUBLIC, and are supposed to be a representative Republic. But when the elected officials no longer live like their constituents and have no idea what it means to be a hard-working American —they make in one year what takes the average American three to five years to make— this is no longer a REPUBLIC. This is an authoritarian regime we are under.

We are no longer one nation under God. The greedy elites and corrupt politicians have removed God so far from our founding. Thus turning us into an ungrateful, sinful, and shameful country. In hopes of turning the masses to their fake idols, worshiping celebrities, athletes and the installed politicians.

“If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God whom we serve is able to save us. He will rescue us from your power, Your Majesty. But even if HE doesn’t, we want to make clear to you, Your Majesty, that we will never serve your gods or worship the gold statue you have set up.” Daniel 3:17,18.
It is scripture like this that the elites and corrupt politicians fear.

They fear a people who do not submit to what they call power, so to remove God is just one way to weaken this once great Republic.

To say we are indivisible is a joke. Families turning family in, banishing people because of different views, silencing one half of the country while the masses stay compliant out of fear. To say we are divided at every turn is an understatement.

Alberts poses with David Sumrall of Stop Hate and journalist Tayler Hansen. (Source: Twitter)

** Chris Alberts honorably served our country, and does not deserve this nightmare. Please support him through this political punishment here.


There was once a time when we could have intelligent conversations with someone we didn’t agree with, we didn’t want them hurt or want them silenced for having different views, or opinions. We all believed that no matter what we all had the RIGHT to believe what we wanted, and we would all stand together for the right to express ones self. That is no longer the case. People get killed for expressing different views in todays America.

As to the last part: ‘With liberty and justice for all.’ Liberty means freedom, so in simple terms freedom and justice for all.
Ask yourself, Do you feel free? Is there really justice for all? Name anything you can do without asking permission from the government. In one way or another, everything we do now is because of permission, not FREEDOM.

Freedom means to do as one pleases. I would say that covers anything, so long as to not impose on others freedoms you should not be stopped. Liberty or freedom was once at our core as Americans. Now standing for freedom gets you thrown in jail if you are viewed as wrong or on the wrong side of the political spectrum.

That leads to the justice for all part. Is there really justice anymore?

Alberts at home, awaiting his looming trial on cooked-up charges.(Source: Twitter)

Long before the divide in this country there was a two tier justice system. One for the everyday American, and one for the elite. The ones who could afford the best attorneys, or have judges and prosecutors who knew them personally and yet would still oversee their case. Elites get off for crimes that the average American would be thrown in prison for. Now that corrupt two tier system has once again been shifted into a three tier system. One tier for the left, one tier for the right, and one for the elites.

It’s safe to say ‘justice for all’ no longer exists.

**Alberts needs our help to fight this despotic DOJ that’s trying to destroy him. Please donate what you can here.

As many of you already know —and as some who have made it this far will find out— I am a J6er, being politically persecuted by the authoritarian regime trying to rule over us, but I will not bend the knee to their false God or gold statues. I will not simply fall in line and do as I am told by this or any regime.

My core beliefs are stronger than their will to try and destroy me.

In this day when pledging allegiance to the flag is viewed as far-right or fascist, it’s time that we the liberty loving Americans pledge a new allegiance. An allegiance not to a flag, but the one most high, and the most powerful. Our almighty God. Whoever he is to you, it’s time to get closer to him. Pledge to him your allegiance.

He and he alone can save this country, it’s too big of a task for a normal everyday person to do on their own. We need that higher power to help fight the darkness that has taken over America in every way. So every one say it with me:

I pledge allegiance to the almighty God of the universe, to the freedom for which he stands, one people under you, adamantine, with sovereignty and impartiality for all.

Adamantine: Resembling the diamond in hardness or luster; Unbreakable, rigidly firm, unyielding. (Alberts, pictured, in prayer.)

I hope and pray that everyone reading this feels a little closer to God. There is a massive movement in this country happening that the MSM refuses to cover, and that is the number of revivals starting up around this great country. People of faith our turning to GOD in massive numbers and it scares the establishment.

Take this pledge, pledge your heart and soul to GOD and watch the miracles start to happen in your life. Let us as GOD loving Americans pledge this great country to Him again, and watch him banish the evil that is trying to rule over us.

Thank you all for taking time to read this and may God bless America once again and unite her people before it is too late.

With Love and Optimism,

Chris Alberts – Soldier of The American People


Alberts and his wife Melissa hoped to start a family this year, but have put their life aside for the past two years and now face this shameful political plank walk.

The crushing financial and psychological stress —and the looming reality of federal prison for non-violent, victimless felony charges —is a disgrace on our government.

What are they trying to prove at the DOJ? Or is this just a bloodsport for bureaucrats?

I think the readers of TGP know the answer…

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me. (Psalm 23, 4)


If you can, please support the Alberts family through the gauntlet by donating to their ‘Hope for a Hero’ fundraiser here.




Kelly Wilde is an advocate for the January 6ers and contributor to C.A.P.P. (Citizens Against Political Persecution, an organization founded by Cara Castronuova that fights for the political prisoners of January 6th). She maintains the site www.wearegoodmen.com, a place to get to know the Jan 6ers in their own words. To submit a tip, contact her at kellyforfreedom@protonmail.com.

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