JUST IN – “WARNING: Picket Lines Have Been Threatened by the Faculty.” – Robert Kiyosaki Releases Statement on Leftist Attacks Against Upcoming ‘Health, Wealth and Happiness’ Event at ASU

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‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ author Robert Kiyosaki has spoken out against attempts by woke Arizona State University faculty to boycott or cancel the upcoming “Health, Wealth, and Happiness” panel discussion this Wednesday at ASU’s Gammage Auditorium.

Kiyosaki is an outspoken advocate for financial education. He has written 29 books on financial freedom, including two books co-authored with President Trump titled ‘Midas Touch‘ and ‘Why We Want You To Be Rich.’

Robert’s newest book, Capitalist Manifesto, is available here!

Why would ASU try faculty try to cancel a bestselling author and self-made entrepreneur from speaking on campus? Marxists hate capitalists.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, 37+ members of the radical left faculty at Arizona State University’s Barrett Honors College organized a petition against the event featuring Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author and PragerU founder Dennis Prager, and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk.

Read the full letter and names of signatories from an early copy of the petition by ASU Barrett faculty here.

EXCLUSIVE: 37 Marxist Arizona State University Honors Faculty Members Sign Petition Against Robert Kiyosaki, Dennis Prager, And Charlie Kirk Speaking On Campus – PETITION AND NAMES INCLUDED

This letter was further shared with ASU students by far-left Professor April Miller and likely other professors spearheading the protest against conservative speakers. In an email to students, Miller expresses her “active opposition” to the event and falsely accuses the scheduled speakers of “spreading: hateful rhetoric that is harmful to many marginalized communities; anti-public education platforms; and health/medical disinformation.”

Dissemination of the petition and Miller’s email were possible attempts to spark outrage among students and encourage them to protest.

According to a statement from Kiyosaki, “Picket lines have been threatened by the faculty.”

In response to Barrett faculty’s condemnation and “active opposition” to this event, three ASU professors publicly challenged their woke colleagues to a debate over “the necessity of a variety of viewpoints and values in the university.”

Based ASU Professors Call For Public Debate Over Free Speech as Liberal Colleagues Organize Petition Against Event – Featuring Robert Kiyosaki, Dennis Prager, And Charlie Kirk

Members of the weak far-left faculty who organized the petition have not responded. These anti-free speech professors “should be willing to defend their position in public debate,” said Professor of Philosophy Owen Anderson.

Robert Kiyosaki gave the following statement to The Gateway Pundit:

Kiyosaki: Our Health, Wealth, and Happiness event is under attack.

Let’s show up and stand up for our freedom of speech and right to assemble.

Let’s show up and stand up to let the “Woke” liberal academic left know they cannot intimidate us, censor us, or stop us from attending “Health, Wealth, and Happiness,” …an evening event at Arizona State University’s Gammage Auditorium.

It’s on this Wednesday, February 8th, 2023,

Please attend and invite your freedom-loving family, friends, and co-workers to our Freedom of Education event from 7 to 9 pm at Gammage, in Tempe, AZ

Universities are supposed to be institutions open to new ideas.

What has happened? Who granted academics the power to censor our education?

Let’s not allow this censorship, intimidation and academic fascism and continue.

Please show up, stand up, and be counted.

WARNING: Picket lines have been threatened by the faculty.

It’s time to let the academic left know they cannot suppress our FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT, our freedom of speech, and our right to assemble.

Besides, who gave the academic left the right to determine what we learn?

BTW: What is wrong with learning about Health, Wealth, and Happiness, subjects they do not teach?

Who do the “Woke” faculty think they are?


Please let’s show up, stand up, bring friends, and be counted. 

Tickets for this event are available online!

Students will receive free admission at the box office upon presenting their high school, college, trade school, or community college student ID.

The Gateway Pundit will continue to provide updates on this fight for free speech on campus.

Register for this event here.

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